UNICEF Sweden just released a campaign today that raises many questions about the effectiveness of social media in today’s fight for social good and global health.

Do Facebook ‘likes’ really save lives? The short answer: No. Sure, people may be more aware of the issues at hand, but help only comes when people take action.

“We like likes, and social media could be a good first step to get involved, but it cannot stop there,”  said UNICEF Sweden Director of Communications Petra Hallebrant. “Likes don’t save children’s lives. We need money to buy vaccines for instance.”

The campaign also includes a slightly more intense video ad.

Read more at The Atlantic.

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BuzzFeed: 60 Completely Unusable Stock Photos

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What happens to your social media life when you die?

"The digital footprints we’re leaving these days are pretty significant."

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The difference between marketing, advertising, public relations, and branding.

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